Saturday, June 25, 2005


Daylily T-shirts

Thanks to everyone who helped at the Garden State Daylily Day sale today; lots of our overgrown clumps have new homes tonight. For a chuckle, go to to see the T-shirts Rich Howard did for the Connecticut Daylily Society. Two of three designs are on sale for $7.50 because he MISSPELLED DAYLILIES! And NOT the easy way with 2 L's; he missed the last i! If you are handy with a needle, you could maybe sew a little daylily where the missing i should be.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Sale at Kinnebrew! (Spacecoast)

John Biggs asked me to post this- I have several Kinnebrew daylilies, and these are mostly 33% off, some as much as half off his spring prices. PIG OUT!
Starting June 15th and running through July 31st, we are offering discount pricing on daylilies. Please note, this only applies to lilies listed on this flyer. Also, customers must be able to take shipment within the above time frame. We will not take orders for Fall or Spring delivery. All plants in this special offer are ready for shipment and will all be large, blooming size, multiple divisions.
Plants at $100
Anne McWilliams
Renie’s Delight
Lies and Lipstick
Alexa Kathryn

Plants at $83
Annick Verhaert SC Devine Design
Madeline Macartney SC Technical Knockout
SC Tropical Passion SC Sea Shells
SC Frills and Finery SC Shiner
SC Mulberry Motif SC Royal Ransom
SC Cranberry Kid

Plants at $66
SC Bold Buccaneer SC Eye Declare
SC Spice Girl SC Gold Bonanza
Copperhead Road SC Passion Released
Madison Holly Lace

Plants at $50
Madeline Nettles Eyes Jordan Verhaert
Lil’ Red Wagon SC Perfect Angel
SC Fire Starter Darla Anita
SC Rebel Yell SC Sharp Tooth
SC Child Star SC Dragon Prince
Electric Marmalade Magic Lori Goldston

Plants at $40
Catcher in the Eye SC Citrus Kick
SC Raspberry Mist SC Princess Elite
SC Extreme Fashion SC Scrambled
SC Peach Fringe

Plants at $30
SC Gator Eye SC Krinkles
SC Hot Topic SC Surprise Purple
SC Sprawler

Plants at $20
SC Starburst SC Picotee Prince
Dynamic Duo SC Early Bird
SC Fancy Dancer SC Cool Deal

For descriptions, pictures, and shipping info, visit our web site at
Once again, this is strictly a 6 week sale. All plants, as of August 1st,
will return to our standard web site prices. Also, there will be no bonus given with this offer. Our regular Priority shipping charges apply($10 for the first plant plus 50 cents for each additional plant).
First come, First serve, while supplies last!!!
Peace and Happy Gardening!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Remember What You Shot!

For each daylily you shoot, immediately afterward shoot the ID label / name tag! Until this year, I had been writing each shot down, which is a real pain! Some friends use a tape recorder, but shooting the label creates an easy and hard to lose record of each photo. Why didn't I ever think of this before? I forgot who shared this method with me (senioritis!) so if it was you, remind me so I can give proper credit.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Sale on 3 Daylily Books @ Timber Press

Go to for info on 30% discount from Timber Press on their 3 daylily books: Gardener's Guide to Growing Daylilies (Grenfell 2002), and the two Petit & Peat titles ("normally" $30 and $50!). I have both P&P books and they are great references or gifts. Or gifts to your local library.

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