Saturday, January 07, 2006


January Daylily ToDo!

Have you mulched your evergreen dayllies yet? If not, cut off the Christmas Tree branches and cover them NOW! Or get a bale of straw.

#2- Place that daylily order before the best ones are gone! has great stuff at great prices, but the best sell out early. And Dan's Bargain Basement ($8.59 for 3+ fans) has some REAL SLEEPERS! Above is my Double Cranberry Ruffles- is that an $8.59 daylily? I got 5, but I have and love over a dozen others on the list of 100. Just got 4 at Ridaught, from a starting wish list of 20. If you don't have Ed Brown ($12), Point of View ($15), and Sabine Baur ($20) , you should look at them. Lies & Lipstick and John Peat aren't in this year's budget, but I got Ed Brown's daughter, Ted Petit's "Ne Quitte Pas" for $20 and Cleopatra, Mandalay Bay Music and Thundering Ovation for less.

Come to GSDG's Flower Photo Tips session January 15 and bring the best bargains you have found in this year's catalogs to share! Info / directions at

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Award for the daylily LAURA HARWOOD

Betty Harwood just let me know the daylily LAURA HARWOOD has been awarded Honorable Mention by the AHS for 2005. If you don't grow it, you're missing a GREAT daylily.

Coming soon to is the 2006 schedule and photos of Betty's 2005 new registrations. Check after January 10, 2006.

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