Thursday, January 17, 2008


January 2008 Garden State Daylily Update

This bloom is imperfect, but it was reblooming October 31, and then the next evening a deer ate the rest of about a dozen rebloom buds. It's Mikado,a 1929 Stout I think is way underappreciated .
My musa basjoo bundled up for the winter. 2 foot diameter cage filled with dried leaves, covered to keep the leaves dry.
H. Drop Cloth is evergreen, so it will be mulched NOT to keep it from freezing, but to keep it from trying to regrow in every midwinter thaw, which can exaust it's reserves and leave a pile of mush in the spring. Below is my Malachite Prism, mulched with Christmas tree branches. I also mulch first-year plants to minimize frost heaving.
Update for Garden State Daylily Growers: First meeting of 2008 will be March 30, speaker is hybridizer Curt Hanson, who has bred some outstanding daylilies near Cleveland, Ohio. His website is so you can see what you're in for. He named a fall 2007 intro for Betty Harwood, and uses Star Trek inspired and other clever names. Some I have are Bela Lugosi, Body Rub, Nosferatu, Primal Scream, Spiritual Corridor, Statuatory Gripe and Tea Leaf Prophecy.


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