Saturday, September 03, 2005


Satur Daylilies

I was told this was Wild Grape, but I believe now it is either Little Wine Cup (see the 4th photo below) or possibly a hybrid from it- I think they look identical, but this one seems to rebloom better. That could be due to location or relative maturity.

Above is Darryl Apps' Pardon Me, which is a great daylily, too often overlooked in the pursuit of big, edged, spidery, etc.; this should be in everybody's garden.

My September 1 collection includes (left to right) Beautiful Edgings, Tar & Feather, two Panda Bears, and Julie Newmar at the back right. But the real thing to observe is the size and shade variations between Happy Returns (left), Stella (bottom), Sunset Returns, and Apricot Sparkles (at right). Jamaican Midnight is at the rear barely visible, and Little Wine Cup is hiding front center.

Above is a better photo of Little Wine Cup (Carter/Powell 69), a 2" dependable rebloomer.

Finally, reblooming Black Eyed Stella, which I have renamed bleary eyed Stella because it seems more accurate to me. Even Robertson described the color of the eye as "dark red" which is still overly "opti" mistic.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Aug. 30 - Sept. 1 Daylilies

Above is a final view of my 8/30 crop, including (left to right) Sunset Returns, Stella, Happy Returns, Little Wine Cup, Tuscawilla Tigress, Panda Bear, Fox Ears, Last Rewards, unknown red and Tar & Feather.

My 8/31 crop included repeats of 8/30's Stella, Little Wine Cup, Last reward, Happy Returns, tuscawilla Tigress plus Morticia.

September 1 I got probably my last Julie Newmar- all I can say is eye-eye-eye.

I had to show Tar & Feather again to introduce our 3-month old Shih-Tzu, Bunny.

This is Final Touch (Apps 91), a real LATE that's not expensive. I'll see everybody for the GSDG Auction at Betty Harwood's Sunday, September 4! Remember it's BYO Chair!

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