Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Garden State Daylily Display June 23, 2007

Garden State Daylily Growers, the New Jersey Club of AHS Region 3, held its "Daylily Day" Display and Sale on June 23 at Deep Cut State Park near Middletown, New Jersey.

And my favorites were: at the left is Bali Watercolor (Pat Stamile 02) for its size (9") and throat.
Terry Linnenger (Jack Carpenter 03) has a great looking eyezone.
Blueberry Sundae (Pat Stamile) looks good enough to eat.
One Day at a Time (Carpenter 05) will be at GSDG or DVDS Auction later this year.

Finally, Egyptian Queen and Wild Horses, siblings registered byTrimmer in 2000 and 1999. The parents are Moonlit Masquerade and Tet Cleopatra (too tender for Zone 6). The difference: Egyptian Queen starts blooming a couple of weeks earlier, and is a nanoshade lighter in both petal and eye. You can see here just a hint of yellow in Wild Horses' petals. HINT: if you have one, don't get the other.

Friday, June 22, 2007


June 21 & 22, 2007 Daylilies

Too many new blooms for individual photos from now on- here's the first time blooms June 21.

Here's the "best of the rest" June 21.
This is first blooms June 22.
Best of the rest "Part 1 of 2" June 22. The top left two are NOT identical; at left is Egyptian Queen, and to its right is Wild Horses, both siblings of Cleopatra, which barely made it through last winter and will probably not bloom this year (not hardy Z6).
Best of the rest Part 2, June 22.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Second Set of June 20 Daylilies

Golly Dolly isn't expensive, but I love that big yellow throat. If I could name it, I would have called it "Sun off a Beach" (go ahead, say it fast).
Tar and Feather (Kaskel 99) is not as impressive in a photo as in person; it's almost 7 inches in diameter, a real showoff. This is what we call a "fifty footer".
Stephanie Returns is last year's addition to the "Happily Ever Appster" series, and an aquired taste to some. Be on the lookout for next year's entry, Mean Mr. Mustard and call me when you see it. I saw it at Woodside Nursery and it is a knockout!

Gadsden Goliath is a pretty face, but like Kate Moss its stems are a little spindly, so it falls right over in the lightest breeze.
Flamboyant Eyes is an apt name for this one. Other first bloomers I haven't got room to show today are Kitty Kitty, Pavlova, and Asian Artistry.


New Blooms June 20, 2007

Mico bloomed first yesterday, but it was slow to open, so it missed the publication deadline. Not spectacular color, but at 10 inches, it shows up from the space station.

Riseman's Flame actually looks better after the inch of rain we got last night. Child Within (G. Stamile 05) is another of the outstanding mini series, and appears to be hardy here after two winters in Philadelphia.

Raspberry Masquerade is one I've been waiting to see (bought it last year) and it waited until a drenching overnight rain to put out two blooms.
Goldmist Red- not its first bloom, but this one is a better example than its first effort last week.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


More June 19 Daylily First Blooms

Octopus Hugs is a great name for this great big grabber.

This is Frosted Velvet, also a pretty good descriptor of it's features.
And Firestarter's first bloom today.
Goldmist Red is a 1994 Kirchhoff intro, which I like for its unusual coloration, but some days it's prettier than others- and this is one of the others.
And the final entry in 6/19 blooms part two is Swirling Spider. See previous June 19 entry for more.


First Bloom Daylilies 6/19/07 (Zone 6)

Bayou Bride bloomed the first time yesterday, but Blogger ate the photo during editing.

Big Time Happy first bloom today- I love the green throat.
Small Gesture has bloomed previously, but never made the cut for photo op.
Siloam Double Classic started it's run today, better days to come.
Too many new blooms for one entry today- Blogger only allows 5 photos per entry. This is the first Daring Dilemma of the season; I can't tell it from Daring Deception unless I have both in front of me. Both were Salter intros the same year; this edge has a bit more gold, and Deception has a bit more purple.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Hosta, La Vista from Philadelphia

For the GSDG Club members who also grow hosta, but probably will never get to Philadelphia , here are some of the hemehostaholic's hostas.

The non-hosta front and center is Podophyllum Kaleidoscope, a hybrid mayapple from Terra Nova. Daylilies still outnumber hostas two to one, so it's hard to get a photo of hostas without daylilies in it.
Hostas are stuffed anywhere in the yard where there is some afternoon shade. One of the best spots is on the East side of the house, where there is solid morning sun, but shade after 1 pm. Regal Splendor is in the foreground; halfway down is a mature clump of Antioch. The light one in between is Zounds.
These hosta are are in a "host(a)ile" environment under a Magnolia tree which has too-dense shade, invasive roots, and needs full time deer netting to protect from the local giant rodents. But when you have more hostas than shady spots, you make do with what you have. And behind the tree trunk (the west side), if you look closely, are daylilies where the afternoon sun is too intense for hostas.

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First Blooms June 18 Daylilies

Rosy Returns (Apps) isn't an outstanding color, but it is a reliable rebloomer.

Little Wine Cup is a great bloomer, and rebloomer, but it is cursed by terrible-looking light green foliage. Hint: put it behind something to hide the foliage and enjoy the blooms.

Marked By Lydia is a great spider. Who can resist that eye?

Last but not least is one of my favorites, Awakening Dream, looking good.

Also blooming today, Bayou Bride (photo tomorrow), Zinfandel, and Candlelight Gala.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


New Daylily Blooms June 17, 2007

Romantic Returns (below) is not my favorite, but it's a good contrast to the Happy Returns also blooming now.
We'll have to see if Centerton Nursery adds any more cultivars to the "Returns" series now that Darrel Apps, the hybridizer, is retiring.
Steve Trimmer was new to my garden last year, so this may be its first appearance for me.
Jason Salter is pretty well formed for a first bloom.
Topguns Anita Causey came from Oklahoma (Bob Scott, hybridizer) this year. Bob was one of our guest speakers last winter, so I hope this one throws another bloom up next Saturday (6/23/07) for our Daylily Show & Sale at Deep Cut State Park, Middletown New Jersey (10-2).

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Daylily First Blooms June 15 & 16

OK, this isn't the first Lines of Splendor bloom, but it's the first (and second) great looking one.
Tutankhamun looks good even on it's first day.
Leebea Orange Crush's first day isn't its best showing, but there will be better days ahead.
This is Apps' Nature Girl, a 2005 intro which is priced at only $10 and I think has an interesting form
Not a daylily, but I wanted to show off the two Great Expectations hosta I found for $5 at Wal-Mart.
Also blooming for the first time today are Topguns Double Eyeful, Forest Phantom, and Little Wine Cup.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


And Now for Something Completely Different: Hosta

Saturday, June 10 was the Garden Conservancy's "Open Garden" day in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania (just west of Philadelphia) and we saw two GREAT gardens. I wish we had had time to see the other three, but they will have to wait until next year.

The hosta at the lower right are Sagae, three or 4 in a row and raised beautifully, as is everything in Inta Kromboltz's garden.
Melanie is standing in front of a sea of hosta 'Kabitan' used as a groundcover in Inta's garden.
Inta's trough garden including miniature hostas, amazing!
David Culp's Podophyllum (Chinese Mayapple) is on my list for next year's must haves. I don't know what variety this is- it isn't Kaleidoscope or Spotty Dotty (both available from ) but I LOVE it!

(David Culp patio garden) Talk about use of vertical space!

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