Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Jamaican Rebloom and Variegated Daylilies

Above are two of my LAST 2005 rebloomers, Jamaican Midnight (top) and Jamaican Jammin (bottom) both taken in NOVEMBER! Jamaican Jammin rebloomed for more than a month!

JM may be Florida rebloom, since I just got it this year, but JJ is in its 2nd year here. JJ is a Shooter (Marietta Gardens) 98 registration; JM is a mid-nineties Salter, both inexpensive.


Many of us have the species Kwanso Variegated, but there are others available now too! Monrovia introduced one a couple of years ago called 'Golden Zebra' and it's available many places, including Wayside Gardens www.waysidegardens.com ($25) and Plant Delights Nursery www.plantdelights.com ($22) but it is patented so no COMMERCIAL breeding permitted. However, Plant Delights has a second one, H. 'Secured Borders' (Przypek 05) which ISN'T patented, from a streaked Hyperion. But it is only streaked in the spring, greening up in the summer. Any other cultivars available out there?

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