Sunday, June 13, 2010


Got a Pistil on Happy Hooligan and it RAINED!

Got a few photos before starting to Pittsburgh for a couple of days. Happy Hooligan has a pistil, but I didn't even try to pollinate it because rain was predicted (and did come) within a couple of hours. Should I have tried anyway?
Today was the LAST Begin With a Bang for this season- it's NOT a rebloomer. But it's EARLY and NOT (totally) yellow!

Moving All Over (Pat Stamile 01, 30EERe11 Dormant Tet) is a great name choice.

Goldmist Red is a Kirchhoff from way back in the 80's. It's a Tetraploid, and I also had one Connect the Dots bloom today. All the pollen washed away in the rain.

Another oldie I like, Peacock Maiden first bloom today. Carpenter 82, 31MRe9.5 Evr Dip.


It's Daylily Midseason but still Spring in Philly

Big Time Happy first bloom yesterday, but it's an EERe4 Dormant Dip. I've got a theaory why this year the Earlys and midseasons are all blooming atthe same time: Dormants are blooming late and Evergreens are blooming early. Haven't got data to back this up yet, but some day I may have time to see if that's the case. We had a couple of early heat waves, and my theory says the Evergreens were able to take advantage and make buds, as if they were in Florida. But the dormants were still in the ground, so they didn't see the early energy.
New this year, Bite Me! Even this FFO has some teeth to it.

New last year, Carol Emmerich's Eyes on the Prize 18EMRe5.5 Sev Tet. This is first full open- it does get better.

Mike Huben's Twist Again will be auctioned at GSDG September 12 Auction at Ruddy's Daylily Farm.

Green Treat, a Dip I got for the eye last year. I'd have crossed it with Happy Hooligan, but I had none today, and I'm out of town tomorrow, so can't even store pollen. Maybe next week.

Raspberry Masquerade ffo. Edge gets better with time.

Had two of Connect the Dots today; so I had 12 stamens and only enough blooming Tets for 6. Gonna have to get some centrifuge tubes to use for freezing pollen.

Lizard's Dashing Spider is a Dip registered 36M8, but it's taller for me. One scape is 36, but the other two are four feet!

Jim Murphy's 2007 Peace Out looking good today. But it's a Dip and I had no Dip Stipples to pollenate it with. Or if you're an English major (my wife is), I had no stipples with which to cross it.

Finally, Visual Intrigue got her eyes right today. This got crossed both ways with Connect the Dots.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


First 2010 Stippled TET Daylily- Connect the Dots

But first: last night, after 10 hours of off and on rain, some heavy, I brought in these 3 daylilies for my wife to enjoy. Hold Your Horses (left), Dotted Petals (bottom), and Painter's Splash held up beautifully.
Connect the Dots first bloom (Jerabek 2002, 27MRe5.75 Dor Tet). Bred in the North (Indianapolis). Midseason? I've got lots of registered midseason cultivars blooming already in early June, right alongside Early and EM. Will lates be blooming by July 4?

Exotic Etching first bloom (Pat Stamile 05, 19M4.5 Dor Tet).
I'd love to get a stipple with a complex eye like this!

But THIS is what I used on Connect the Dots: Sunday Sandals first bloom today. Grace/Smith 03, 22MRe4 Sev Tet. Love that double edge!

Edged in Red first bloom (Carpenter 03, 26EMRe5.25 Evr Tet) got a dose of Connect the Dots pollen.

This view of Tooth shows the extent of the "sharks tooth edge" on two of the petals. This was state of the art just 10 years ago! Whata country!

First Child Within is NOT one of the 90% that the registration says will be doubles. But it's pretty as a single too. Gail Stamile 04, 17M3 Sev Dip. This got pollen from Mark's Bouquet (also a double) in my quest for a small double stipple.

First Spacecoast Dixie Chick today. Got 3 blooms, but too far apart on the clump to get a group shot. All 3 got pollinated with Connect the Dots.

Chama Valley (Dan Hansen 2000 24EERe7 Sev Tet) was really expensive for years because of its crispate sepals, but you can get it this year for $10.

Fancy Face first bloom is a bit more pinched than normal, but that didn't interfere with it's virility, I hope. Registered 1994, this is one hot 16 year old! Pollenated it with Mark's Bouquet.

Bridgeton Icing first day got 3 blooms! A classy color, but of course it would look better stippled. So all 3 got Connect the Dots (tet) pollen.

Today I got enough Magic Attraction to start an amusement park! Salter 05 28MRe6 Sev Tet. All 3 got Connect the Dots pollen. It's amazing how far 6 stamens can go!

This is my prettiest seedling so far this year, and it's from an open pollenated seed. In 2008 I planted only half a dozen 2007 planned crosses and about 100 open pollenated pods that I thought might be worth the effort. So far the O.P. seedlings have been unremarkable, most often looking just like the known parent (self pollenated). So when I look this up tomorrow the pod parent wil probably look just like this.

Web Browser first bloom. Stamile 02 32ERe12 Tet Sev. Not trying to stipple this one; I just got it for its size.

Three Sunshine in Clouds. First bloom was about a week ago. Double click on the photo, and it will open up full size in your browser. Then you can see this is cream with yellow veins.

Got FOUR Happy Hooligans today, but NO usable pollen and only ONE pistil in the bunch! It's the middle one here. Put Mark's Bouquet on that one, trying to see what double stipple by double stipple gives me. HH pollen on MB a couple of days ago failed to set a pod.

First bloom on Green eyed Triangle, a twenty year old Carpenter. 20ERe5 Evr Dip. Neutral base color, nice throat, let's try to stipple it.

Finally, first Bety Warren Woods (Munson 87). This won't get crossed, and it probably won't even get moved to the new house this summer. It's not something I'd dig up and compost, just not worth moving.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Raven Woodsong and other Great June Daylilies

My MUST HAVE for 2010 first bloomed today. I saw this in three DVDS Club members' gardens and it stopped me in my tracks every time. It's Raven Woodsong, a 2004 Ned Roberts intro 40M7 Diploid Sev. This came from Florida, so it's earlier this year; how can I cross this?
First bloom today on Lunacy (Morss 03) 32EM6.5 Wouldn't this be a great cross with Raven Woodsong? Kid's name could be RAVEN LUNATIC! Unfortunately, this is a Tet, RL is a Dip. RATS! So I crossed it with Julie Newmar, another complex eye.

Got one bloom on Mark's Bouquet today, but rain was predicted for late AM, so I just harvested the 6 stamens and brought them indoors. It's a double, but this photo makes it look like a poly- 4 petals and 4 sepals. This one also has 4 pistils- that would be one weird looking seed pod if all 4 got pollinated.

If rain wasn't predicted, I would have crossed Mark's Bouquet with this Siloam Double Classic; see the pistil?

And I would have crossed Double Mandarin (Apps 95, 27EMRe4) with Mark's Bouquet if this had a pistil. Siloam Double Classic is one of its parents.

Small Tempest first bloom today. Liz Salter 2000, 22MRe3.5 Sev Tet. How are we getting Midseason bloomers so early? Philadelphia just had the hottest April and May on record.

First bloom on Julie Newmar (Morss 2000, 32ERe7 Evr Tet). Crossed this with Lunacy (see above) with it's complex eye. But since it started raining a couple hours later, I don't expect anything.

First bloom on Painter's Splash, an old (82) Gilbert Wild. But it's registered at 8.5 inches, so I'd love to see if I can stipple it.

Not first bloom, but this is a good example of Mary Alice Stokes (Dan Hansen 01, 25ERe5.25) Sev Tet.

Terry Lyninger is yellow, but I love this eye pattern. Jack Carpenter 03, 24ERE5.5 Evr Dip.

I've posted other photos of Hold Your Horses this year, but I'm REALLY impressed with its look and performance. Held up in rain too.

Malachite Prism (Doorakian 99) first bloom didn't recurve one petal, but I've gotten it through 3 winters in Philadelphia, even though it has the reputation of being tender for Zone 6. Strange, since it was hybridized near Boston. I've heard some daylilies will survive where there's reliable snow cover, but not in our severe freeze/thaw cycling.

First Little Wine Cup. An oldie, but the "original" non-yellow reliable rebloomer. Carter/Paul 69, 20ERe2 Dor Dip. Stella was registered 6 years after this.

Francois Verhaert not first bloom, but doesn't look bad today.

Finally, first Jazzy Graphics, a bicolor Dan Hansen 99, 24ERe4.5 Sev Tet. Other first blooms but not photogenic enough for publication were Tennessee Flycatcher, Bridal Path, Chaco Canyon, Inky Fingers, Egyptian Queen, Siloam Russell Morgan, and Goldmist Red.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Three Happy Hooligan, hails a Happy Hybridizer!

Sorry- I loaded Happy Hooligan first, and that puts them last in the blog- You'd think I could remember something simple like that. Above is the reason I like and will keep Merlot Rouge, besides that it's an early double (for me, registered Midseason). That's the light edge around especially the sepals, which gives the doubled parts (the "hose") a little extra character.
Tooth yesterday wasn't a first bloom, so I COMPLETELY MISSED that this was a POLY!!! Count'em- 4 petals and 4 sepals. Don't look for sharks teeth on this ten-year old Dan Hansen intro (32ERe6.5) even though that work appears in the registration. Ten years ago Dan had a different definition of sharkstooth than we do today, and his job is to sell daylilies. SOMETIMES there is a single white-edged knob near the base of the petal.

Tar and Feather first bloom. Kaskel 99, 26MRe6.5 Evr Tet.

Another case of advertising "puffery"? Pat Stamile's 2002 Green Mystique. The mystery is because it takes a Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass to find the puny green throat.

But Pat has a WINNER in Burgundy Twister! 2003, 36EERe9.75 Evr Tet. Why is a registered EE blooming after lots of my EM's? Microclimate? This spot gets afternoon shade from my shed, so maybe the soil stays cooler longer. This year Philadelphia had the HOTTEST average temperature on record for April AND May. Several PA daylily growers have remarked the season seems early and compressed this year.

Arms to Heaven is registered MIDseason, but Ellen Laprise of Partridge Hill Farms near Boston says it blooms early for her too. Roberts 01, 36MRe8 Sev Tet. I wouldn't kick this out of my bed even if it WAS a midseason!

Vanilla Stella good macro. This is getting some of today's Happy Hooligan pollen if I can find enough. Most of the stamens on doubles like Happy Hooligan are converted to petalloids, with little or no residual anther. HH DOES have a viable pistil sometimes, though. Whoever buys Vanilla Stella at the GSDG auction will have to mail me the seeds if I can't harvest them beforehand.

Good macro of one of three Happy Hooligans blooming today. Talbott 92, 18EMRe5.5 double. Evr Dip. Registered as a "blend" because I don't think anybody had a consensus for a term to apply to daylilies with measles. I think FRECKLES describes most of the existing cultivars better than stipple, a painting term for using "small short touches that together produce and even and softly graded shadow."

My other two Happy Hooligans. At least the left one has a pistil. Since I have no other Dip stipple or even Dip double today, I'll cross these with reblooming Dips with non-yellow but light base colors. like Vanilla Stella, Peace Out, or Lullaby Baby, all blooming today.


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