Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Late Daylily Season Has Arrived!


This will be introduced next year as the next "Happily Ever Appster" series daylily from Centerton Nursery in New Jersey, I have been told. Supposedly it will be introduced at the Atlantic City garden expo next winter or spring. The tentative name is "Mean Mister Mustard".
This is Malachite Prism, which has survived two winters in my garden and longer on Long Island, though it is not RELIABLY hardy north of Zone 7. I put a pot over the plant after Christmas and cover that with a foot of compost until April.
Party Pinafore is one of many reds with lighter edges, but I think it's one of the best. I also grow Roses in Snow, Geneva Firetruck, and Mean Jean, but this is my favorite.

Laura Harwood is one of Betty Harwood's best known hybrids, and it is a must for the late daylily garden.
Finally, this is Bridgeton Kodak Moment, introduced this year by Darrel Apps.
Yesterday, Stella De Oro rebloomed, and today Happy Returns showed up after its midsummer nap, so the Rebloom Season is officially upon us. Final Returns has started blooming, and every day I get more final blooms from the midseason cultivars. This week I'll be posting a few more of my mid-season favorites, which I've been too busy to show you in July; then we'll get into lates and rebloomers starting next week.


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