Friday, August 31, 2007


Late August Daylilies in Philadelphia

August 28: Nature Girl, Grape Magic, Little Wine Cup, Stella; Unknown Rose, Point of View, unknown from Ladybug; two Happy Returns.
8/29: Little Wine Cup & Grape Magic; Scentual Sundance, Bridal Path, the last Angelique in Satin; Big Time Happy, Happy Returns and Stella.
Anybody know what this is? I bought Skinwalker from Ladybug and got this- but I like this better! It's only 6.5 inches but always neat.

This is also a beautiful daylily, diamond dusted and throwing an extra petaloid or two, but not a double. This is last bloom for this year. But it's not what I bought- any ideas?


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


August 20 & 22 Daylily Blooms

Oops! Forgot to uploade August 20 bloomset last post-left to right by row is: Last Reward, Showtime Now, Sunset Returns, Nature Girl & Bridal Path. Origin Stories, Tuscawilla Tigress, Ruddy HS40 (NR), & Bridgeton Eyecatcher. Scentual Sundance, Big Time Happy, Betty Woods, Rosy Returns & You Are My Sunshine. Plus the 5 in the last post.

From August 21: I picked Clueless and Laura Harwood about noon and 12 hours later they were still in great shape! Clueless and Laura Harwood.

August 22 blooms after 2.5 inches of rain over the past 3 days. Big Time Happy, Scentual Sundance, the last Topguns Metha Scott, & Apricot Sparkles. Clueless (rebloom), the last Bridgeton Eyecatcher, and Nature Girl.



Mid August Daylilies in NJ / PA

August is a difficult time to find daylilies blooming: here are some that work for me.

August 18 blooms in Philadelphia, PA
From Left to Right by rows: Just Plum Happy, my mystery rose pink, Panic Button, Rosy Returns, and Bridgeton Eyecatcher. Scentual Sundance, Innocent Bystander, So Lovely, & Point of View. Last Rewards, Little Wine cup, Night Vision, Showtime Now, & Sunset Returns. Stella and Happy Returns.

August 19: Catherine Folker, Siloam Double Fringe, Double Mandarin, & Tuscawilla Tigress.
Mask of Eternity, Skinwalker, Laura Harwood, & Fox Ears. Shwotime Now, Night Vision, Last Reward, Point of View, & Bridgeton Eyecatcher. Innocent Bystander, Little Wine Cup, Panic Button & Stella D'Oro.
Reblooms from August 20 (below): Happy Returns, Stella D'Oro, Grape Magic, Little Wine Cup, and Double Ethel. The first 4 I recommend for dependable if not exciting August and September rebloom. Double Ethel always looks rumpled and the washed rose eye is too subtle for me.

August 21: Scentual Sundance, Clueless, Laura Harwood, Just Plum Happy, & Innocent Bystander. Double Ethel, Fox Ears, Skinwalker, & Topguns Metha Scott. Little Wine Cup & Grape Magic. Stella D'Oro, Rosy Returns, Apricot Sparkles, Ruddy Spreckles (NR), & Happy Returns.


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