Friday, February 22, 2008


Bigger IS Better!

I'm reposting the DVDS Split & Splash photo in the larger size, and adding a couple more for your viewing pleasure. These are oldies but goodies. Marked By Lydia has lovely eyes. Mikado was hybridized before 99.9% of you were born and still is worthy in anyone's garden. And Moonlit Masquerade is one I'd have even if I only had space for a few And the average price for the 3 is $10 (Eureka averages 2008 $15, $6, and $9).


Midwinter GSDG Update

The 2008 calendar is up on the website so reserve those dates now on your own schedule. To help you through the cold winter until our March 30 meeting (Curt Hanson at the Woodbridge Library) here are a few of my favorite photos from last year.
The meeting photos are DVDS Split & Splash and the Fall Lunch (Margo Reed and Jim Murphy presenting). Daylilies are Malachite Prism, Party Pinafore, and Raspberry Masquerade.

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