Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Late September Reblooming Daylilies- PA/NJ

This is Betty Harwood's (1999) 'Autumn Oddity; this photo is from GSDG president Dick Dardas in his garden, but it was also blooming in Cynthia & Kevin Ruddy's garden at Answered Prayers Daylily Farm in Howell, NJ last weekend when they hosted the Garden State Daylily Growers club auction. Our club has among its members probably the most Harwood cultivars outside Betty's own garden, now located at her daughter Janet's place in Pawling, NY. In the near future I will post a list of sources for pre-2005 registrations on the GSDG website www.gsdaylily.org under the LINKS section.
Apps' Red Hot Returns has just started reblooming for me in Philadelphia in the past week, but even more impressive than the bloom is the great foliage condition in a bed with no irrigation and next to no rain for the last month. It is part of Centerton Nursery's "Happily Ever Appster" series which can be found at the better independent nurseries.
Sunset Returns is another "Appster"
with good diamond dusting. It doesn't photograph well, but it shows up like little sand grains on this pic.

Finally, one of the best vintage rebloomers, Little Wine Cup (Carter & Powell 69). The foliage doesn't hold up like Red Hot Returns, but not bad for a 38-year old.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sept. 13-16 Reblooming Daylilies

September 13: Rosy Returns, Grape Magic, Little Wine Cup, Bridgeton Kodak Moment, Siloam Plum Tree, Big Time Happy, 2 of Nature Girl and one sunset Returns. The only difference I can see between the last 2 is that Nature Girl tends to have a little gap between petals & sepals.

September 14: Little Wine Cup, the last of Origin Stories and Point of View, 4 of Siloam Plum Tree and Bridgeton Kodak Moment.
9/15: Little Wine Cup, last of Fox Ears, Siloam Plum Tree, Nature Girl, Happy Returns, Bridgeton Kodak Moment and Scentual Sundance.
9/16 at Ruddys- B etty Harwood's Sweet Treat (2000). Also blooming was her Autumn Oddity and Salter's Moon Over Monteray, plus Stout's Autumn Minaret (1951) and Jablonski's August Queen (1979).
Ruddys also sell several of Betty Hardwood's unregistered seedlings; this is HS Lucky Grace. Ruddy seedlings blooming 9/16 included Flash in the Sky, Late Twilight, Rosy Strider, Sweet Lulu, and Awe-Gust Heights.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007


September Daylilies Zone 6

9/4 Two Siloam Plum Trees, Unknown, Rosy Returns, Scentual Sundance, 2 Little Wine Cups and Big Time Happy. Rosy blooms too low, down in foliage but great repeater!
If you have any guess what the top middle one is, post a comment.
9/5 Nature Girl, Fox Ears, Siloam Plum Tree, Apricot Sparkles, Big Time Happy; Black Eyed Stella, Little Wine Cup & Grape Magic.
9/7 Siloam Plum Tree has two blooms today, but look at the rebloom scape in the background- there are over 20 buds!
The rest of 9/7: 2 Point of View and Black Eyed Stella; Scentual Sundance & Big Time Happy; Little Wine Cup, Bridgeton Kodak Moment, & Apricot Sparkles. Kodak Moment is the most expensive daylily I've ever bought, but Darrel Apps has retired and who knows how many of his recent intros will be available in the future?
9/8 Fox Ears and my unknown (from Ladybug, possibly a Roberts?); Little Wine Cup, Black Eyed Stella, Rosy Returns & Bridgeton Kodak Moment. Not even Stella or Happy Returns today! (I don't water my daylilies, but I'm thinking of grouping all my rebloomers and giving them an inch a week next year.)

Monday, September 03, 2007


August 30 - Sept. 3 Daylilies Philadelphia PA

August 30: Little Wine Cup x2, Happy Returns, Stella; Grape Magic, Fox Ears, Unknown, Copper Butterflies; Rosy Returns, So Lovely, Scentual Sundance, Small Tempest & Big Time Happy.
8/31: Big time Happy, Black Eyed Stella, Innocent Bystander, Small Tempest, Grape Magic & Little Wine Cup.
Sept. 1: Unknown (Roberts?), Point of View (Last), Nature Girl; Rosy Returns, Small Tempest; Scentual Sundance, Little Wine Cup & Black Eyed Stella.

9/2: Nature Girl, Little Wine Cup, Apricot Sparkles; Sunset Returns x 2, Big Time Happy x 2.

9/3: Nature Girl, Big Time Happy, Scentual Sundance, Small Tempest, Grape Magic & Little Wine Cup.

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