Friday, June 26, 2009


It's Daylily Day in New Jersey

Cheerful Heart is big and I like the vein pattern on the petals.
Always Afternoon is a classic- the throat really lights up.

American Revolution has an interesting color- the dark sort of overlays the red.

The Saturday before July 4 is Daylily Day in New Jersey. The Garden State Daylily Growers Club has an exhibition of blooms every year at Deep Cut (Monmouth County) Park near Middletown, NJ. I'm contributing the above daylilies and some others to the sale. We offer everybody who comes a complementary bare-root daylily, usually Happy Returns and this year including Black Eyed Stella.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


First Bloom, Begin With a Bang & Mexicali Miss

First bloom on new arrival, but from New England, so it may bloom here even earlier next year. This is Mike Huben's "Begin with a Bang", of interest to hybridizers because it's extra early but NOT Yellow or Orange. I'm hosting it for the GSDG auction this year or next, depending upon how it does this summer. Because my job is to make it grow, I have to cut off this scape now, since I've confirmed identity.
I keep Mexicali Miss ONLY because it's early. It does have interesting veining.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


"Echos In the Mist" (???) 4th daylily to bloom

A GREAT daylily doomed to obscurity by probable registration error. This was sold to at least two hybridizers & commercial growers as "Echos in the Mist" (EH Salter, 2000). For me it's 24ERe4 (registered 26EMRe4). BUT the color doesn't match the registration (registered as "Lavender above Yellow Green Throat"). I personally believe Salters screwed up the color on the paperwork, because the parents (Witches Wink by tet Little Print) seem to be much more likely the parents of this than of a lavender. There is another daylily being sold in the trade as "Echos in the Mist". But I believe it is LESS likely the "correct" Echos, because though it is lavender, it has a prominent eye not mentioned in the registration. It's a shame because this is early, and a great rebloomer. I've given mine the garden name "Echos India Mystic". Anybody know anything more about this daylily? Why did she misspell echoes? Did she name it for the Andrea Kane book?



Stella's Sparky Daylily Second Bloom

Stella's Sparky first bloomed in the rain about a week ago, finally produced a second photogenic one. This doesn't show the great diamond dusting from grandparent Stella De Oro.
My Podophyllum 'Kaleidoscope" survived another winter- they tend to rot during wet winters or freeze because they emerge early. But I think they're worth the trouble, and just got a "Spotty Dottie" too, but (typical of mail order plants) it's too small to photograph without a macro lens.

Leave a garden cart half full of dirt overnight, and it's almost guaranteed to rain over an inch!


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