Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Daylily Rebloom, Mid September

It's a shame Cleopatra is less hardy than its siblings Wild Horses (ok in Z6) and Volusian Spider (itself maybe a bit tender north of Z7). I got it from Florida this year; I'll mulch it well this winter and hope it's a mild winter. Because it's a spectacular addition to the garden.

September 12 crop includes (top row) Siloam Plum Tree, Cleopatra, New Perspective (see below), Sunset Returns, Big Time Happy, Happy Returns and Stella. New Perspective is its first rebloom, so it gets credit for trying even if not perfect.
Sunset Returns' color is not everybody's cup of tea, but the edge is interesting, AND it generates the returns to make it a good investment.

On September 13, Cleopatra put out a bloom on each of its 3 scapes. And there are still 15 buds to open. Point of View and Rosy Returns bloomed too, with Happy Returns and Big Time Happy, but Cleopatra is the star of the day!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Missed Some of You at the GSDG Auction!

These were the blooms on Sunday, 9/10 that I brought to the auction; Little Wine Cup, Cleopatra, Siloam Plum Tree, Happy Returns (left 2), Big Time Happy (right 2), and bottom center is Elfin Stella. I just got Cleopatra this year, and learned I'd better mulch it well for the winter , since it is borderline hardy in our zone, as is it's sister Volusian Spider. This is one advantage to belonging to a club like
Garden State Daylily Growers- we help each other learn what grows and doesn't in our area.

Origin Stories (Margo Reed, 2005) bloomed September 7 and 10 off the SECOND proliferation produced this year! A friend is already trying to root the first, and I am going to try to get the second prolif to grow- wish me luck, because I've never done it before.
Here's some of the 2 dozen or so bidders at the 2006 auction, where about 5 dozen plants were auctioned off for about (my estimate, not official) half their hybridizer's list prices. About 1/3 were 2005 intros, and 10% 2006's, but another 10% plus were under $25 "list" price, and I think half the winning bids were $25 or less. Another membership benefit: picking up great cultivars for a fraction of what they're worth! We don't try to make money on the auction, just break even.

September 7 crop from my garden included Big Time Happy, Sunset Returns, Origin Stories, Cleopatra, Little Wine Cup, Stella, Happy, and Rosy Returns.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Corrected Directions to Auction Sun. 9/10!

NOTE: the newsletter had two turns cut out! It should have read (additions in caps): Rt. 36 East to Broadway (Rt. 537 South) ; Right on Broadway Right on Locust Ave. at the first light. TAKE LOCUST ABOUT 10 BLOCKS TO WALL STREET; LEFT ON WALL STREET ONE BLOCK, RIGHT ON MONROE STREET ONE BLOCK, THEN left onto Hollywood for 5 blocks to Norwood; Stabas is the near right corner of Hollywood and Norwood. turn right and park on Hollywood.

The whole thing is complicated because the second set of instructions (emailed out from Rosemary) takes people "the back way" (see map above); right on Monmouth Rd (Rt.71) which is the exit BEFORE Broadway, then left at the 2nd light, Wall Street, which then crosses Locust and meets the other route, Right at the next block (Monroe), left on Hollywood to Norwood. And if you don't like all that jogging around, you could just take either Broadway OR Monmouth all the way to Norwood. GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Cleopatra, Queen of da Style

Rosy Returns (Apps) is one of only 7 cultivars blooming today. Of course two of the others are Stella De Oro and Happy Returns.
Origin Stories bloomed the second, final bud on a proliferation, so tomorrow I'll cut the prolif off and stick it in water, to hopefully develop roots before winter.
Here's the queen of the day, Cleopatra. New to the garden this year from Florida, it may not rebloom next year, but I'm loving it while it's here. This scape has over a dozen buds.
Darryl Apps' Sunset Returns is a good rebloomer, and has an interesting edge.
Don't look at this single bloom on Big Time Happy today, look at the two scapes full of buds. And there's a third. Why don't more people have this one?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Rainy Day-lilies

Say goodbye to my Point of View for this year- last bloom on the scape. Why do I love this one? It's big (8 plus inches), it's bold, it's blooming when little else is, and IT'S NOT YELLOW!

Siloam Plum Tree bloomed yesterday and today, but I'm publishing this photo taken after Saturday's downpours to show it's not coming apart or running after getting soaked. It's not even registered as a rebloomer; this one's a keeper!
Yesterday's crop (yes, only 4) was Sunset Returns, Siloam Plum Tree, Happy Returns and Point of View.
The last two Tuscawilla Tigresses.
Labor daylilies (some highlighted in my prior blog) Fox Ears, Rosy Returns, HS40, Happy Returns, Little Wine Cup, Big Time Happy and Children of Malawi. Bring what you have blooming on Sunday to the Picnic; I'll bring my camera and publish them here next week.

Monday, September 04, 2006


End of the Daylily Season

It really is the end of the daylily season as well as summer vacation today; four of my reliable bloomers over the past few weeks put out their last bloom today.

Top is last bloom of Betty Harwood Seedling HS40 from Cynthia Lord-Ruddy, but I call it Pink Seersucker Shirt because of that wonderful crinkled texture.
Next is Rosy Returns blooming on the 2nd; it still has some buds to brighten up September.
Then come the last Children of Malawi and Party Pinafore, bottom is the last two Fox Ears.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Origin Stories Daylily Rebloom

September 1 group includedFox Ears, Comanche Maiden, Origin Stories (individual photo below), Happy Returns, Stella De Oro, Little Wine Cup, Big Time Happy, Sunset Returns, and Apricot Sparkles.
This is Siloam Plum Tree, rebloomed on August 29.
August 31 reblooms included the usual suspects above, plus Metaphor (row 3 left), Childern of Malawi (row 3 right), and bottom row Point of View, Harwood HS40, and Tuscawilla Tigress. Far right bottom is Bunny, our 1.3 year old Shih Tzu.
Origin Stories (Margo Reed, 05) rebloomed today on a proliferation. One more bud coming, at least. I'll try to root the prolif after that bud blooms.

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