Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Is the Pool Garden half FULL or half EMPTY?

It's the end of September, and here are some of the daylilies that have been blooming back in Philadelphia, in spite of NO watering.  They just happened to bloom while I was back choosing which next to move.
 Kanai Sensei is from Mike Huben of Boston, who has bred some great rebloomers on a small city lot- you should have him present his story to your daylily club if you haven't already.
 Little Wine Cup was one of my first rebloomers, old but reliable and NOT YELLOW!
 Scentual Sundance IS yellow, but good rebloomer and not small like Stella, Happy, etc.
 Wolf Eyes surprised me with BOTH eyes open this day.
 But this one, Moana twirler, made my month with half a dozen blooms from late August to mid September.  This last bloom opened after moving it to Pittsburgh, in the garage waiting to be replanted.
 I'm studying the native dialect in my spare time, but there's not much of that.
330 daylilies planted, and tomorrow I have about 60 more going in the ground after 2 days of rain.  So not only the daylilies will get "mudded in" this time.  Will I get 200 more transferred by the end of October?  Stay tuned.  Even that leaves 40% of my collection back in Philadelphia, but every one costs time and money: each trip with 60 - 80 daylilies costs about $150 in gas and tolls alone.  I missed a PIDS (Pittsburgh Iris & Daylily Society) meeting this weekend to dig those 60 daylilies in 89 degree heat Saturday, and 65 degree showers on Sunday.  So every transplant has to meet the "Is it worth it" test.

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