Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Pink Stripes Reblooms!

 I only had a dozen daylilies blooming today, and NO TETS!  But Pink Stripes rebloomed, and STILL has ONE bud left.  So all the below got pollinated with it.
 Showtime now would be nothing special in July, but in August it's a keeper.
 Fat Man does have a nice full form.
 Charon the Ferryman (Bachman 03) is my most prolific today, with 5 blooms.
 Fox Ears has always been one of my favorite late Dips.
 Cool Cassie (Harwood) is one of Betty's less well knowns, but it's big and blooming, along with her Last Reward; I'll get a photo of it next post.
 Sunset Returns is smallish and doesn't bloom as long as Stella and Happy Returns, but its color is SO much nicer!
Final photo is Rosy Returns, one of the best rebloomers of Apps' series.  Also blooming today was Autumn Minaret, unremarkable orange flowers but tall and late.


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