Sunday, July 04, 2010


Stars (Stipples) & Stripes for July 4

I started last year to pimp my stipples and stripes, or for July 4, my STARS & STRIPES. My Prime Directive, which is the only thing that keeps me from making crosses 8 hours a day, is that I ONLY pollenate with Stippled or Striped Daylily pollen. My aim is BIGGER and BETTER stippled and striped daylilies. Above is a favorite Diploid Stipple, Gail Reese. Small but great uniform dots.

Undercover Angel is a muted stippling, so some might call this "misted" rather than stippled. But there's no recognized terminology as of yet in the AHS dictionary, so we can call them dotted, freckled, measled, or just plain weird.

Expanding Universe is a great name- looks just like that graphic when Enterprise or Star Wars ships went to warp.

Goldmist Red has a highly variable red overlay, as shown by these two blooms.

Speckles is appropriately named; looks orange, but it's really red specks on a yellow base.

Connect the Dots is a bit blah, but good pattern and long bloom season.

Spacecoast Freaky Tiki is small, but amazing dot structure.

Drop Cloth is another great name, bigger dots and more on the petals than the sepals.

Seurat is a bit more muted, but it has an eye.

China Veil is just beautiful.

Persimmons, Cinnamon, and Marmalade is 1/4 Connect the Dots. More misted than speckled.

Jim Murphy's Lotsa Dots is small but tall.

Bacon Gold Nugget is an oldie, but a goldie in more ways than one.

And NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Pink Stripes is now considered the "Classic" striped daylily, and some people are working with the TET conversion, but I'm old fashioned, so I'm only breeding with the original Diploid (until I find somebody willing to sell me some converted Pink Stripes, of course!).

But there's a totally separate line of striped daylilies based upon Don Lovell's Peppermint Ice, which he crossed with Susan Weber to get this Lovely Margie. Less dramatic, but better plant habits. So I'm crossing this BACK to Pink Stripes to get both striped lines together. Check back in about 5 years. I expect from other "Stars & Stripes" breeders some pretty interesting stuff over the next few years to add to my collection. Anybody hybridizing stipples and/ or stripes, please contact me (Terry Oates, now in Philadelphia, moving to Pittsburgh this summer) at if you know any Yahoo group or AHS Robin I can join to learn more about stipple and stripe hybridizing.



July 4 Open Garden, Jacque' DeJesse

Jacque' DeJesse lives just a half mile south of Granite Run Mall, on Route 452, just West of Media, PA. Every 4th of July recently she has hosted an open garden, and she has some spectacular cultivars and interesting small spider seedlings. Above is Zip boom Bah (Dickerson 97).
Wild And Wonderful (Stamile 02) poly. We're supposed to say polymerous rather than polytepal now, so is this polymerousing? This is NOT on the AHS Polymerous list, and it's registered 36ERe8.5 so this must be rebloom.

Northwind Dancer (Schaben 01).

Jacque' and two Memories of Oz (Herrington 01).

And Candy Cane Dreams (Jim Murphy 05).


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