Sunday, November 02, 2008


Arum italicum 'Pictum' at Scott Arboretum

Chesapeake Crablegs, my last blooming daylily of 2009. This scape still has buds, but I think this may be the last to open.
My Ice Plant, which loved the drought this summer, is still blooming. All it needs is good drainage and full sun.

After a lecture on shade plants at Swarthmore, I found this great ground cover planted under the Dawn Redwoods next to Lang Hall. Arum italicum has fall and winter foliage, then flower and fruit similar to other arums in the spring. Then it goers dormant, so it's great for spots in some shade that need some winter interest, like hosta beds. Available from Breck's for about $1.50 per corm. I have some planted with my native jack-in-the-pulpits.

Remember the Garden State Daylily Growers November 9 (Sunday) meeting at Deep Cut Park, Middletown, NJ 1:30pm. I will be presenting slides of members' favorite "overlooked" daylilies, ones that don't make it to the top of the AHS popularity poll, but deserve to be more widely grown.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


October Final Daylilies of 2008

Scentual Sundance October 15 still had over half a dozen buds, but a deer got them that night.
Little Wine Cup finished about mid October. Loses color in the cold, but reliable rebloom.

Nature Girl (Apps) has impressed me with its rebloom this year. Very similar to Sunset Returns (below) but narrower petals, a bit more "unruly", possibly the reason for the name.

Sunset Returns is one of the super diamond-dusted Apps hybrids.

Rosy Returns rebloom scape lasted longer this year than I remember in the past, or maybe it's just that deer didn't find it this year. Deer also got Siloam Plum Tree rebloom scape, or it would have been on this list.

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