Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Reblooming Daylilies 8/28 - 8/30/06

The gem of today, August 30, is Rincon Del Mar (D. Hansen 99).
New August 29: Siloam Plum Tree, top left; and here finally I got a half decent shot of Big Time Happy's apple green throat. The rest you've seen before: Point of View, Children of Malawi, (2nd row) Harwood HS40, Happy Returns, Little Wine Cup, and 3 Big Time Happys on the bottom.

August 28 crop was Tuscawilla Tigress, Fox Ears, Scatterbrain, Little Wine Cups (2), Big Time Happy and Comanche Maiden.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Daylily Low Season- Only the Tough Bloom On

Not a great day for daylilies- rain early morning pretty much turned Happy Returns into tissue paper (above), but since it was our first rain over .1 inch in a month, I'm not complaining. Topguns Gold Mine doubled (upper left), but I knocked the blossom off trying to clean up the foliage before shooting.

Today's crop: Topguns Gold Mine, Fox Ears, Children of Malawi, Happy Returns (middle left), Big Time Happy, Little Wine Cup, and Harwood Seedling HS40 (from Cynthia Lord Ruddy).

Richard & Shirley Stout brought two blossoms to the DVDS Summer Sale yesterday: Strawberry Candy and one of it's children, Don Herr's 2002 'Trish Herr'. (It's Ida's Magic x Strawberry Candy). See pic at
What's blooming for you? Email me or bring your list to the GSDG Picnic & Member Auction September 10 at Staba's.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Daylily Rebloom August 25 & 26

This is August 26th rebloom, Scatterbrain and Tuscawilla Tigress (top left), bottom left Little Wine Cup, Party Pinafore, and Children of Malawi. The bottom left yellow is Happy Returns, the other 4 are all Big Time Happy. BTH, besides being bigger, has a neat light green throat.

This is Black Eyed Stella, which does NOT have a black eye, (I prefer the euphamism "Blah Eyed Stella") but it started reblooming today.
This is the famous (or infamous) Stella De Oro which also has started reblooming, and will continue till frost. I keep one clump to compare bloom times to other cultivars. I prefer the lighter color of Happy Returns, but it's still the standard.
And now for something completely different! This year I added this Metasequoia 'Gold Rush' (Golden Dawn Redwood). It's fast growing, a standout color, and it's a deciduous conifer- it loses its leaves in the winter. So it's ideal for shading the house in summer, but allowing the sun to heat the house in the winter.
August 25's crop was Tuscawilla Tigress, Happy Returns, Elfin Stella, Apricot Sparkles, (2nd Row) Rincon Del Mar, Comanche Maiden, (3rd Row) Panic Button, Children of Malawi (it bleaches some in hot sun), and Little Wine Cup.

Friday, August 25, 2006


August 24 & 25 Daylilies

August 24 crop top to bottom, left to right: Panic Button (see below), Big Time Happy, Happy Returns, Metaphor, (2nd row) Harwood seedling HS40, Little Wine Cup, Last Reward, (3rd row) Children of Malawi, Be Thankful, Fox Ears, and (bottom left) Point of View.

Rincon Del Mar (D. Hansen 99) looks a lot more expensive than it is, especially at John Shooter's Marietta Gardens ( where it's only $8.00 this year. It's $20 or more other places.
Panic Button would not be extraordinary in midseason, but in late August it's a knockout!
Same with Comanche Maiden- only source I know is Flynn Daylily Gardens in Alabama. You've GOT to visit Ida's site for the great photo galleries, especially the Hybridizer Galleries, like the "Candy Shoppe" (Stamile), Munson, Carpenter/Bomar, and the Salters. Click on the link below. Oh, and her quality and selection are as excellent as her site's pictures.
Just a review- these are all reblooms except Betty Harwood's "Last Reward", growing in Zone 6b with no rain and next to no watering since July. Send me a list of what's reblooming in your Zone 5 - 7 gardens; my email address is at the bottom of every page of the Garden State Daylily Growers' Club website, where you can find our schedule, including the September 10 members' picnic, this year at Rosemary & Joe Staba's.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


More Daylily Rebloom

Nothing new today, so here's yesterday's crop: (top left) Moonlit Masquerade, my unknown Rose, Jamaican Jammin', Children of Malawi, (2nd row) Just Plum Happy and Happy Returns, (row 3) Scatterbrain, Apricot Sparkles, Fox Ears, (bottom) Tuscawilla Tigress and Point of View.

Today I also have blooming Elfin Stella (see 8/21 blog) and Betty Harwood's seedling HS40 (see 8/16 blog). These are all reblooming in Philadelphia (Zone 6b) with no rain since July, and almost no watering.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


August 22 Daylily Rebloom

These are actually my August 20 crop; Moonlit Masquerade, Comanche Maiden, Metaphor, Party Pinafore, (2nd row) Happy Returns, Big Time Happy, Rosy Returns, (3rd row right) Little Wine Cup, and (bottom row) Tuscawilla Tigress, Children of Malawi, and Fox Ears.

Children of Malawi is an Emily Olson that has rebloomed well for me this year in spite of hot dry weather and next to no watering. Many of her cultivars and her email address can be found at Rich Howard's site where you can also find out more about the Connecticut Daylily Society.
Jamaican Jammin' is a John Shooter 1998 intro that last year (it's 2nd year in my garden) bloomed until November 9! (See my 2/7/06 blog entry).
This is one of my mystery daylilies, sold to me as something else. Any ideas? It's diamond dusted, 24" tall, circular form 3.5 inches diameter, green throat.
Comanche Maiden (Steinborn 95) is not a stunner, but it keeps on blooming when other have given up. Not registered as a rebloomer, it is for me.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Daylily Rebloom 8/21/06 Philadelphia

This is Big Time Happy, same yellow as Happy Returns with a nice green throat, but lots bigger- I can't imagine why more people don't grow it.

This is Apricot Sparkles, also by Darryl Apps, the size of Happy Returns but colored darker with more diamond dusting per square inch than anything west of South Africa. You can wear this one on your ring finger.
This is Little Wine Cup, 6 blooms on one clump today. It's an oldie (1969)but a goodie. Blooms are about 2".
This is today's crop of Tuscawilla Tigress blooms.
Today we got in quantity what we lack in variety, but only one Elfin Stella bloom- my smallest at 1.5 inches. Others blooming today are Moonlit Masquerade (see 8/16, 8/20), Comanche Maiden, Happy Returns, Children of Malawi, and Point of View (see 8/16 blog).

Sunday, August 20, 2006


PA Daylily Rebloom August 20

Fox Ears has been a great addition to the garden- this is recognizable at 50 feet!

This is Moonlit Masquerade- not expensive and a great all around daylily. Some will be available at the Delaware Valley Daylily Society Sale, Saturday August 26, 2006 at the Paoli Church of the Good Samaritan, 212 West Lancaster Ave. , Paoli PA 19301 from 9 to 11 am. SOME of the varieties will ALSO be available at the Hardy Plant Society Sale the same day from 9 to 3, at the Mennonite Church, also on Route 30 a few miles west between Frazier and Exton.
This is Scatterbrain, which a fellow DVDS member told me sometimes triples, meaning it has more than 12 sepals and petals. I only counted 12 on this, but note there are still stamens and a pistil that could become petaloids.
This is Metaphor, also scheduled to appear at the DVDS Plant Sale. It's diamond dusted, prolific, a beauty to behold anytime, but especially in the dog days of summer.
Here today, gone tomorrow; today is the last Party Pinafore on the scape. Everybody that sees this in my garden wants a piece- sorry, I want it ALL! But Woodside Gardens had it this year and probably will have it next year- it's worth the trip.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


August 19 Reblooming Daylilies (Zone 6b)

Today's bloomers are (left to right, top to bottom):
Rincon Del Mar, Elfin Stella (1.5"), Happy Returns, Big Time Happy, Little Wine Cup, Bridgeton Eyecatcher, Scatterbrain (a great name!), 3rd row left = Emily Olson's Children of Malawi, 4th row = Emily Olson's Be Thankful, Betty Harwood's seedling HS40, Topguns Lola Scott, and Darryl Apps' Just Plum Happy. They're a bit wilted because I didn't pick them until almost dark.

Friday, August 18, 2006


August 18 Favorite Daylilies

August 18 cultivars include: Tuscawilla Tigress, So Lovely, Lady Neva, Bold Tiger, (2nd Row) Kwanso, Exotic Kiss, Fox Ears, (3rd Row) Apricot Sparkles, Jamaican Jammin', Little Wine Cup, Big Time Happy, (Bottom Row) Just Plum Happy, Point of View, Elfin Stella, & Happy Returns.


August Daylilies Chapter XVIII

Darryl Apps' "Just Plum Happy" is one of the newer of the series, and it is a performer.
This is "Little Wine Cup", an old (1969) one which I have kept for years because of its reblooming.

This is actually my August 16 blooms, but Blogger ate the first try, so here are Children of Malawi, Just Plum Happy, Mask of Eternity, Moonlit Masquerade, Happy Returns, Little Wine Cup, Rosy Returns, Party Pinafore, Buddy Benz, Double Ethel (as a single), Ruddy's HS40, Tuscawilla Tigress, and Charlie Pierce Memorial (smaller than regular bloom).
This is Mask of Eternity (Salter 96) up close.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Favorite Daylilies August 17

This is everything blooming 8/17. Left to right, top to bottom are:
Metaphor, Surprising Anomaly, Comanche Maiden, Moonlit Masquerade, Ruddy's HS40, Children of Malawi, Big Time Happy, Panic Button, Little Wine Cup, Happy Returns, Tuscawilla Tigress, Last Reward, Be Thankful, and Point of View. All are reblooms except Last Reward, I think.

These below deserve special mention: The first is Surprising Anomaly- GREAT substance.

This is Betty Harwood's "Last Reward" which is a true LATE, not a rebloom. It's diamond dusted and one of the prettiest daylilies you will never see on a July garden tour.

Here's "Be Thankful" (Emily Olson
2001) which, while it isn't a real eye catcher, reminds me every day it reblooms that we should be thankful for ANYTHING that blooms in this mid August weather.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Today's Favorite Daylily Reblooms

Here are some of my favorite daylilies reblooming in Philadelphia (Zone 6b) mid August. The first is not a registered cultivar, but it is available from GSDG member Cynthia Lord Ruddy (Answered Prayers Farm) as "HS40", a Betty Harwood seedling. The second, "Moonlit Masquerade", should be in everybody's garden. Third is my favorite new daylily this year, "Party Pinafore" (Kirby 99) found at Woodside for only $35. Fourth is "You Are My Sunshine" (Herr 00), which will be available at the GSDG auction this year. Finally, "Point of View" has consistently bloomed bigger than the registered 7.5 inch diameter. (Available from Ridaught for only $15!)

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Garden State Daylily News!

For those who have been wondering how you will be able to get Betty Harwood's new introductions now that she has "retired" to the big apple, she tells me she has made an arrangement with Melanie Mason to sell some of her cultivars that are not available elsewhere. Melanie's site has not been updated yet to reflect the additions, but keep watch. Probably a majority of my late-blooming daylilies are from either Betty or Darryl Apps' so this is good news. The attached photo is most of my August 11 blooming cultivars; top to bottom, left to right they are: Tuscawilla Tigress, Point of View, You Are My Sunshine, Lady Neva, (2nd Row) Dragon's Eye, Big Time Happy, (3rd Row) Apricot Sparkles, Metaphor, Happy Returns, Scatterbrain, (Bottom Row) Moonlit Masquerade, Thunder Patch, Just Plum Happy, and Fox Ears.

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