Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Late August Daylilies

Above are two of Darryl Apps' best newer "Happily Ever Appster" series, Just Plum Happy and Sunset Returns. Sunset is about halfway in color between Happy Returns and Apricot Sparkles, sort of a sandy color but with almost as much diamond dusting as Apricot, the Diamond Dusting champion of the world.
Above is Elfin Stella- lives up (down?) to it's name. I forgot to measure this one, but it is registered as 1.5 inches.

This is reblooming Jamaican Midnight (Salter 94). It speaks for itself.

Yesterday's highlight was Tar and Feathers (Kaskel 99). WORTH LOOKING FOR!

Above is my crop on Sunday, August 28, before I found Jamaican Midnight (see above). Cynthia, here is the Hampton Classic (Trimmer 95, double) you wanted to see (see another on my 8/21 post). The others are two Happy Returns, Apricot Sparkles, and Pardon Me (all Apps).

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Tues Daylilies - Julie Newmar!

Sometimes a surprise can just make your day! Julie Newmar rebloomed today. I got this after GSDG club member John Biggs sent me a photo of his. It's 7 inches and the eye is mesmerizing. Also blooming today are Apricot Sparkles, Lavender White Eyes, Panda Bear, Tuscawilla Tigress, and Wild Grape (and Stella and Happy Returns, of course). You can scroll down for their previously published head shots.

DID YOU VOTE FOR POPULARITY POLL YET? If you are an AHS member, please do it- Dick Dardas reminds us there is a Division 3 website set up to make it easy if you have misplaced that mail-in sheet. Go to and vote before September 1.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Mon Daylilies - the LATE News

This is Apricot Sparkles, a great (and I do mean GREAT!) grandaughter of Stella. Don't look straight at this one without sunglasses! Kudos to Darryl Apps.

Last Reward (Harwood) is just a supurb daylily which will NEVER win a show because it is a late bloomer. But it's "Best of Show" many days in my garden.

Tuesday's crop includes this new one- Iszy Dizzy. Small but what you can't see is the diamond dusting.

HELP!! Do you know what this is? It was sold to me asw Pirates Promise, which it definitely is NOT. But it's so pretty I would like to be able to tell people what it is. It's 29MRe4.

This is Stella, to compare to her great granddaughter above. I had to include it because even though we all look down our nose at her, she is the ancestor to so many of our newer super-rebloomers. Respect your elders!

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Sun-daylilies (today's crop)

Yesterday was the Delaware Valley Daylily "Split & Splash" for the big sale next Saturday at the Church of the Good Samaritan at Rt. 30 & Paoli Pike in Paoli PA (9 - 11 am but the good stuff is gone by 9:30!). Cultivars with Eureka average price up to $25 are only $4, and above that they're only $7! None higher! Above is my mystery rebloomer; I've had it 20+ years, and it is a consistent rebloomer, sold to me as Wild Grape. But Wild Grape was registered as 4 inches, and this is under 3.5 so it might not be. Anybody got a comment?

Betty Harwood's Ora Lee is a good rebloomer, not big but just a nice performer.

Black Eyed Stella is one of the category I call "bad" names - I won't call Robertson a lier, but Bleary Eyed Stella would have been more accurate.

Above is Hampton Classic (Trimmer 95) which is registered as EM, not Re. I guess I'm just lucky.

I published another photo of Grape Magic on 8/17, but today I had 3 blooms, so I have to say if you are tired of only having yellow in the late season, get Grape Magic, Pardon Me (8/17 photo) and Just Plum Happy (8/17 photo), all blooming for me today. Betty Harwood's Last Reward, Tuscawilla Tigress and Savannah Debutante are also blooming for me today (all pictured earlier). Stay tuned for the LATE news!

Friday, August 19, 2005


Fri Daylilies

Blooming today after a morning rain but still defying the August blahs:
Above is Morticia (Munson 94) - who wouldn't want this beauty? I previously misidentified this as Lavender White Eyes, which is similar but lighter and without the UFO crispate and quilling qualities.

Savannah Debutante above is almost always always double or at least trying to, so it is staying in my garden even thouth the color is not a knockout.

When Panda Bear rebloomed, it bought a place in the permanent collection, even though it has usually bloomed down in the foliage. Registered as 25", my scapes have been half that, but I just got it this spring.

Medieval Splendor (Salter 91) has been blooming forever and earns its keep.

Beautiful Edgings (Copenhaver 89) is available at Manatawny Farms (near Pottstown, PA), which was just bought by Tim & Michelle Glick from longtime owners Pete & Lyn Misiaszek. We need to recruit them as club members and get them, along with all our other grower/members, to hand out our promo piece with every sale!

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Today's Lilies

Some great cultivars bloomed today that weren't out yesterday so I had to share- ENJOY!
Above is Tuscawilla Tigress (Hansen 88), has been blooming its heart out for the last couple of weeks, 7 inches plus.

Above is Topguns Gold Mine from Bob Scott in Oklahoma- got it as a bonus, but I would have paid full price if I knew then what I know now. Always looks neat and always double.

Double Bold One, above, in contrast, ALWAYS looks like it just got out of bed.

Even with a small "crop" I've got enough to make a nice little display to enjoy while watching tv.
I have discovered if I pick them after 6 I don't even need to put them in water. Shot glasses make GREAT containers for single blooms, as do juice glasses.

This is my star of the day: Point of View (Roberts 92) , over 7 inches and STUNNING! A bit hard to find, this one was given to me by GSDG President Dick Dardas, but it's worth going to the ends of the earth for! THAT's ALL FOLKS!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Daylily LOL Part 1

This (above) is Just Plum Happy, one of the latest of Darryl Apps' "Appster" series.

Above is Betty Harwood's "H. Last Reward".

Above is H. Fox Ears, a 2002 Ned Roberts STUNNER.

I got this Piano Man (Trimmer 98) from California this year, which may be why it's blooming on Pacific Time. It's not registered as late OR as a rebloomer. But WOW!

See the "prior" posting for the other 5 cultivars I have blooming today. And another note: if you want some "oldies but goodies" cheap, check out theGilbert Wild "Fall Field Clearance Sale" on their website for the following everybody should have if they have space: Chicago Apache $4, Ed Murray $3.50, Janice Brown $6, Mardi Gras Parade $4, Pandoras Box $3.50, Pardon Me $3 (see next posting for pic), Siloam Double Classic $5, Strutters Ball $5. There are 36 on sale, and 3 free Hyperion if order exceeds $50.


Daylily LOL (Last of the Lates)

Here is the rest of EVERYTHING blooming for me today- some lates, some reblooms. But late blooms, like diamonds, are more valuable for their rarity. Consider for your own garden: Pardon Me (Apps), Grape Magic, Bridgeton Entertainment (Apps), Ruddy HS40 (Betty Harwood seedling grown by Cynthia Ruddy), and Happy Returns (reblooming down in the foliage as usual) (also Apps).

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Thanks Betty & Darryl!

This is my LATEST (figuratively and literally) Stippled Double, Happpy Hooligan, blooming in August. But if it weren't for the hybridizing of Betty Harwood and Darryl Apps, this might well be the ONLY thing blooming in my garden now. Today Betty's Ora Lee ( the official daylily of the Clinton administration), Cool Cassie, and Last Reward are blooming with Darryl's Bridgeton Entertainment, Just Plum Happy, and (of course) Happy Returns. That's over half of my TOTAL blooming varieties. Jedi Tequilla Sunrise (Wedgeworth 1990) is listed as an EARLY, but it's on its last bloom today after 2+ months of glory. Tuscawilla Tigress (Hansen 88) has 10 buds left, and Darryl's Apricot Sparkles continues blooming. Finally, Piano Man (Trimmer 98) is blooming for me this week, though registered EM. Anybody else growing Piano Man? Let me know your favorite LATE daylilies!

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