Monday, June 30, 2008


Favorite Daylilies June 30

Chili Spice was a trade from Cynthia Marriott last year; mine bloomed and hers didn't! Hope you're having bettter luck this year, Cyn!
My variegated Tiger's Eye bloom is overexposed, but this shows the variegation, which is only on one side of the leaf.
Geneva Firetruck first bloom today- one of my best light-edged reds, of which I have about a half dozen.
This photo of Bridgeton Calligraphy shows the yellow veining that distinguish it.
Jordan Verhaert is showing an even thicker edge than Raspberry Masquerade in my garden.

Tar and Feather is a stunner.


Sunday, June 29, 2008


First and Favorite Daylily Blooms June 29

First bloom was yesterday, but I took that to Garden State Daylily Growers' Daylily Day and didn't get a picture. Night Embers is a favorite of mine; I still remember the first time I saw it, at the GSDG auction at Betty Harwood's house.
Stephanie Returns put out an almost photogenic bloom today. Not one of my favorites, but I can see why lots of people like it- reverse bitone, veining and midribs, respectable eye and greenish throat. And because Centerton markets it, it doesn't cost the fortune you often pay for designer genes.
Topguns Lola Scott put out its first double bloom today- I think it has singled once or twice. But this is a home run. Mary Lovasz got me to take Hem. 'Mount Helena' yesterday at Daylily Day by saying it "looks a lot like Topguns Lola Scott". That's a pretty high compliment.
I didn't get Primal Scream until last year because I couldn't see spending "that kind of money" for an ORANGE daylily. Hanson 1994, 14 years ago and still the lowest Eureka price for a double fan is $25.00 ; & worth it!
The little bee landing on Steve Trimmer was pure serendipity. I had about 150 cultivars blooming today (almost 20% of my collection) so it must be pretty close to midseason. Sorry I can't post them all.


Saturday, June 28, 2008


Daylily Day Part 2 of 2

I See Stars (Gossard 01) impresses me the more I see it- when Lois-Anne got it I thought it was a lot of money for another 5 inch red. But it has panache.
I just got Inky Fingers finally this spring, so it hasn't bloomed yet for me. Eureka has 12 sources for this one, from $8 to $40df.
Blackberry Jack (Trimmer 02) impressed me. do I need another dark-eyed yellow daylily? Maybe, if it looks like this.
This one impressed me too; oops! It's another Blackberry Jack!! Eureka average $20df.
Not from Daylily Day: is this a) cross of Pink Stripe and Midnight Magic, or b) American Revolution after a 5-minute shower? Guess!


Garden State Daylily Day Part 1 of 2

Garden State Daylily Day at Deep Cut Park near Middletown, NJ. We're a small club, only about 1/3 the members of DVDS but we grow some GREAT daylilies! Here are a few that I may want to add to my collection next year.
Velvet Ribbons, the Kate Moss of the Daylily world. Stamile 2002 but still has a Eureka average price above $50.
Topguns Okie Twister. Never seen this before, but I want to learn more.
Crazy Crane (ANOTHER Stamile 2002!) is registered at 10 inches, $37 Eureka 2008 average.
One Day at a Time (Carpenter 05) best price I found is $40df at Jordan. I was really happy with the quality of my order from Memory Jordan this year. Hopefully the price will drop a bit for 2009.

Friday, June 27, 2008


What I Would Take to Daylily Day if Today

I have way too many blooms to show solo photos of each today, but these are the ones I would have taken to Daylily Day if it were today. Top left to bottom right are Monterrey Jack, Siloam Russell Morgan (double), Primal Scream,Steve trimmer, (Row 2) Wings of Chance, Lurch, and Mandalay Bay Music. row 3 = Cameroon Night (center) and Mean Mister Mustard. Bottom row = Double Mandarin, Chesapeake Crablegs, Julie Newmar and Night Embers. I've got more daylilies, but no more time! See some of you tomorrow in Middletown!


Daylily blooms June 27

Bringing individual blooms to Daylily Day or just to a friend's house to share? I like this USPS Priority Mail box, 12 x 15 x 3 inches. I X with a sharp knife then poke with my thumb to make a hole big enough to gently nest the neck of the blossom. No water pick is required for most daylilies for several hours of enjoyment. Spiders seem to wilt fastest, within a "few" hours compared to "several" hours for most.

Karen Burgoyne (Betty Harwood 1998) is looking better than most in its first outing today.
Bat Signal put out these 3 blooms.
Marked By Lydia not first day, but what a display!

Finally, Dabo Girl first bloom (Megan Skinner, 1999). What you can't see here is the diamond dusting that really makes this one shine!


Things I'm Doing & Daylilies I'm Loving

After Daylily Day I have to add stone and landscape fabric against these walls for drainage, then fill this all in with dirt. Just so you don't think because I'm retired I have nothing to do but watch the grass grow. I still have to figure the best way to brace the wall from the 3 horizontal 4x4's. Stainless steel wire between eyebolts is my current choice.

This is why I put up with Malachite Prism's tenderness.
Steve Trimmer's first bloom 2008.
Not a bad edge for Zone 6! Raspberry Masquerade is a keeper!
Mary Lovasz and I had to split & splash all of the daylilies Ralph Maiwaldt contributed to Daylily Day (did I mention, it's tomorrow 6/28 at Deep Cut Park, Middletown NJ 10 - 2?). I was a manufacturing engineer for 30+ years, so before I started I did a little workplace design. I lift clumps out of the black box, separate fans and knock off as much dirt as possible, then cut excess foliage over the waste basket. Then fans get remaining soil washed off in the galvanized bucket on MY left,, brought back over the black plastic tray for inspection and then dumped into the blue plastic bucket of 10% bleach. One fan stays in the bleach while I prepare the next. When the next goes in the bleach, I grab the soaked one and throw it on the concrete in front of me to dry. Worked for me.


Stippled Daylilies

Stipples are a dotted color pattern, not everybody's preference, but I love them. This is Happy Hooligan, a double.
Expanding Universe first bloom- it gets better contrast with practice.
Gail Reese, new for me this year and blooming it's polka-dotted heart out.
Spotted Fever, the only other stippled double I know of. If you see another, email me with name and source if known.
Connect the Dots (Jerabek 2002) early bloom- contrast improves with heat? I also have Seurat and Drop Cloth, not blooming yet. Any other Stipple Freaks out there?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Daylilies June 25 Philadelphia (Zone 6b)

A 1994 Kirchhoff hybrid, Goldmist Red just looks like a ripe Gala apple to me.
Eggplant Ecstacy (Margo Reed 1994) is registered as "near black" and that's not bad for 14 years ago. I like the eye-to-throat transition.
Raspberry Cupcake is one of my favorite little doubles. Good enough to eat!
Wings of Chance- not its first bloom today, but compare it to the bloom below. I love WOC but when I saw it next to Monterrey Jack in the Morton garden, I added MJ to my must have list.
Monterrey Jack has perhaps best been described as "Wings of Chance on Steroids." Tet vs Dip, whatever. I am not parting with my Wings of Chance though- they're both winners.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


June 24 1st blooms and a BARGAIN BUY!

Bayou Bride is not actually on its first bloom- this is REBLOOM!! It bloomed in May before many of my early daylilies.

Border Music is about a $15 daylily that should be in more gardens.
Megan Skinner's Shining Eyes (99) started blooming today.
Siloam Kewpie Doll is an oldie but a goodie mini.
Here is the sleeper bargain of the year! This is Julie Newmar (Morss 2000) which has a Eureka average price this year of $47.50, 14 suppliers, none below $35. Today I got the new Park Seed fall catalog, and they are offering it at $12.95!!!!! I love the eye on this- mine shown here has a bigger eye than Park's catalog picture. The registered diameter is 7 inches. I'm also a fan of Night Embers and Rainbow Candy, elsewhere in this catalog, but they are competitively priced.


First Blooms June 23 Philadelphia

Bridgeton Icing first bloom June 23. This Apps tet just exudes class.
Bali Watercolor I saw at last year's Daylily Day (last Sat. in June, Deep Cut Park near Middletown NJ 10-2) and when it showed up at DVDS auction I had to have it! This is not its first bloom this year (see June 20) but it's a knockout!
Topguns Stepanie Clark was a bonus from Bob Scott, nice form in its first appearance.
Spotted Fever is a great name for this stippled double, one of only two I know. The other is Happy Hooligan; see previous posts for it. 1st bloom.
This is NOT the first bloom from one of my other stipples, Gail Reese, but it was such a great example of stippling that I had to show it off.
Tar and Feather also bloomed first time today, way behind Mike L's in Bloomfield, NJ.

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