Wednesday, July 30, 2008


July 30 Daylilies

It appears that bees like Caviar just like some of us do.
Apache War Dance comes along in the late season to brighten up the place. An unusual red.
Connect the Dots last bloom this year. Supposedly good stipple for breeding, but not a looker.
Bridgeton Gem is making up for all the midseason daylilies that are bloomed out.
Another great mid-late: Fox Ears. These days I'm recording lots of "last blooms" so it's nice to have some of these "shoulder season" performers to fill in the voids.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


July 29 Daylilies

Today is my last Lola Branham, and I'll miss her.
If you double click on the above pic, I think you can catch the diamond dusting on Party Pinafore that makes me stop and appreciate it every single day it blooms. One of my favorites.
And here is my clump of Citrina, which is ALSO diamond dusted. A special species.
This is how I record the last bloom of the season with minimal effort.
This came to me as something else, and I've been trying to find a name for it for a couple of years. Then yesterday a fellow blogger published a photo of Janet Benz on her blog that looks pretty close. She said it was a bus plant at last year's Region 3 tour, so a number of people should have it in their garden. Mine has a very slightly darker eyezone that gets easier to see late in the day, not mentioned in the registration. Anybody have an opinion? Leave a comment or email me directly at if you have any other ideas.

Monday, July 28, 2008


July 28 Daylily Faves

Divine Comedy just catches my eye every day it blooms- there's a balance between the elements that just says "Look at me!"
Wolf Eyes is one I haven't seen in anybody else's garden.
Siloam Peony Display is an oldie, but it's the very definition of a peony form double.
Green Swamp Gas says it all.
Stargate Portal (E. Shooter 2000) does have a throat big enough to walk through.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hail the Harwood Hybrids- Late Season is Here

Sometimes in the late summer, Harwoods and Apps are over half of my blooms. This is my clump of Laura Harwood, Betty's most widely distributed daylily.
Ora Lee was the first Harwood I bought, because it reblooms in New Jersey, not just south of the Georgia border like so many other registered rebloomers.
Twirling Parasol has the bad habit of "bed head"- most of the time the sepals get stuck together, and must be teased apart before the bloom will open. So it's high maintenance, like many other pretty things.
Cool Cassie, not a stunning color, but 8 inches for those of you that feel size matters.
My favorites for today, gathered just before the rain started: from top left to bottom right =
Peacock Maiden, How beautiful Heaven Must Be, Siloam Double Fringe, Lavender Suspenders. Second Row = Druid's Chant, Bridgeton Icing, Fashion Police and Origin Stories. Bottom Row = Laura Harwood, Point of View, and Jordan Verhaert.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


July 26 TO Daylilies

Fashion Police is looking better after we got some rain. Is that an edge or a mane?
Last bloom today for another inspired name, Do the Twist (Lambertson 98).
Scatterbrain (Joiner 88) is the perfect name for this disheveled double.
This might be rebloom on Jordan Verhaert. Big edge, big eye, big treat.
Starman's Quest (Burkey 89) is Trahlyta X Persian Pattern. It was blooming July 1st too.


10 Favorite Daylilies July 25

I couldn't pick just 5 favorites today, so you get a double dose of Dudie Drive delicacies.
Meringue Mirage is another inspired name from the Apps breeding powerhouse.
Dinner and a Movie, another Apps double delight.
I can't walk by Party Pinafore without stopping to drool. Double click on the photo and see if you can pick up the diamond dusting that makes this glisten like a gemstone in the sun.
Druids Chant doesn't always look this good, but it's pretty pretty pretty often. That's HBHMB in the background. If you don't have it, get it. I hear it's a difficult parent, but it you had Bo Derek in your bed, why would you want kids?
Topguns Snowballs, another inspired name; this is from Bob Scott in Oklahoma.
Autumn Minaret is already blooming! It's been an unusual year.
Happy Apache is new this year, so I don't know if this is delayed bloom or rebloom.
Above is the definition of "Ne Quitte Pas".
Border Lord has been blooming so long I can't remember when it started.
Bridgeton Elegance is a great name for an always neat and presentable daylily.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


July 24 Favorite Daylilies

After the rain yesterday, I went looking for daylilies relatively unaffected by the rain, and found only these 3: Which Way Jim, Siloam Amazing Grace, and All American Chief (polytepaling). Jim WAS under a dogwood.
Laura Harwood's petals are so wide I thought at first glance it was polytepaling. It's a great late!
Edge of Paradise (Stamile 98) is a great look for only about $15 at multiple Eureka sources (Cottage, Jordan, Marietta).
Point of View started blooming for me today- you can see this for MILES. Memory Jordan has it for $15, and I was really happy with my order from her this year.
I traded JDJ another Curt Hanson for this, his 98 Swallow Tail Kite. Interesting combination of patterns.


July 23 Favorites & Amaranthus

Melanie standing in front of one of our purple amaranthus- this is an annual! But it seeds itself around, and I made the mistake of not moving this one out of the daylily bed.
This amaranthus was growing in a crack in the patio, so I left it to see how big it would get before choking itself or falling over.
This is the second year for Musa basjoo, which was left in the ground but covered with a pile of leaves over the winter. It's now four stalks, eight feet tall.
Ruddys sell this Harwood seedling as HS40, but I call it Seersucker.
Last bloom today on Steve Trimmer. This was blooming for me before Garden State's Daylily Day in June- a great cultivar!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


July 22 Favorite Daylily Blooms

Jean Barnhart is a great underused daylily- just look at that green throat, and great substance.
If you'r not growing Don Herr's Lavender Suspenders, you're missing a great show! Mine are over 4 feet tall.
First bloom on my Star Asterisk (Pat Stamile 02). Registered at 9.5"
Thundering Ovation: beautiful! Double click on the photo to see the airbrushed color- almost stippled.
And the same color on the eye of Spacecoast Gator Eye. Airbrushed, speckled, stippled, whatever it is I love the look.


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