Tuesday, August 12, 2008


August 11 Daylilies

Last Spell Fire today- it's a bit out of focus, I think, but then so am I sometimes.
This is the last time this year I can wax ecstatic about Party Pinafore, but it's one of my prize cultivars. No, I won't trade any of it- find your own at these Eureka nurseries: Moon's (I highly recommend Bruce), Eller's, Knob Hill, and Brown's Ferry (Charles Douglas- also ordered and very happy with results) are $20df. Newbury ($19df) is in Illinois, for those who prefer ordering from more northern gardens.
Last Pirate Beads. No Eureka sources on this, but worth looking for.
NOT the last of Don Herr's Whistle a Happy Tune, but it still looked good after a drench.
Finally, Just Plum Happy has returned for rebloom season. This was the first eyed "Happy Ever Appster" and it tends to rebloom down in the foliage, but at least it's blooming! Rosy Returns is also blooming, but it's my least favorite of the series- also reblooms low. Stella is reblooming, but Happy Returns is still in it's summer nap here in Philadelphia.

Monday, August 11, 2008


August 8 & 9 Daylily Favorites & Finals

Siloam Little Fairy gave us two blooms for it's last hurrah today.
Don Herr's Her Purple Eyeliner last bloom.
Depending upon which side of the fence you're on, you can have a completely different Point of View.
Calgary Stampede blooms are highly variable, but it is a parent of Betty Winkler, Geneva Firetruck, Happy Apache and Miss Apache, among others.
Priscilla's Dream (Shooter 93) is an interesting color, and also showing a proliferation on each of two scapes this year.


August 7 Daylilies

Last El Bandito- another oldie but goldie.
Last Siloam Amazing Grace- this always looks good, with interesting shading & ruffles.
Betty Harwood's Cool Cassie is still going strong- I may bring this to the GSDG Auction. Darrel Apps' Dinner and a Movie still has some season left.
And here are the last two of Margo Reed's Origin Stories. Last year it had a couple of prolifs, but none this year. But I've got prolifs on Fox Ears, which has never had them before. Go figure.


Daylilies August 6

Last of 2008 Night Wings- one of my favorite dark daylilies.
Last Castle Orchid Frostings.
Last Joan Senior- if you have only one near-white, this should be it.
Night Vision is NOT the last, as you can see from all the buds. Similar to Pardon Me, but later.
And Fox Ears has started its bloom season. This year it has a proliferation, but I'm not going to sacrifice any blooms to root it. When the last bloom on the scape is done, I'll stick it in water.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


August 5 Last Daylily Blooms

Last of Don Herr's Lavender Suspenders still looks pretty good.
Panda Bear's last scape is down in the foliage, but this is still one of my favorites.
Gail Reese will be missed- I wonder if Gail Reese was or is a freckled redhead??
Last Jordan Verhaert (Kinnebrew 01) which has a better edge here than Raspberry Masquerade (Salter 2002).
Last Persian Ruby- recognizable from 500 feet, but tends to burn in afternoon sun. Best viewed from a few feet away here in Philadelphia sweltering summer.


Daylily Last Blooms August 4

Last bloom on Night Wings, not the darkest but I love that bat wing texture.
Is this Pirate's Patch? Another lost tag, and that's my best guess. Notice the color pattern in the eye that adds close-up interest.
Surprising Anomaly normally has deeper color, but this is it's last hurrah.
My Sabine Baur may be an imperfect tissue culture- it never looks as good as the catalog pictures. Or does NOBODY's Sabine Baur hardly ever live up to the "best of 100 shots" catalog photos?
Last Bridgeton Kodak Moment for 2008. Not a girlie flower, and the yellow fades in strong afternoon sun, but it does get your attention!


August 1 - 3 Daylilies

I THINK this is Baja, and this is repeat bloom. 30" tall, velvety standout. Anybody think it's something else? I lost the tag on this one years ago moving from New Jersey to Philadelphia.
Bridgeton Jim Dandy is still going strong, pretty composed on a hot day.
Things are thinning out in the daylily beds- that's Carolicollosal in the foreground.
Charlie Pierce Memorial last bloom- this is another favorite oldie (1987).
Note the proliferation at the bottom center on Chesapeake Crablegs. I also have two prolifs on Fox Ears, but none on Rocket Science or Origin Stories, which both had multiple prolifs last year.


Catching Up: July 31 Daylilies

When My Sweetheart Returns is one of my favorite "Happy Ever Appsters".
Spider Breeder has that little something extra over lots of other yellow spiders.
Peacock Maiden is another oldie I love- and so does the mini bee on the top sepal.
I think this is rebloom on Cameroon Night- it's been blooming forever.
Carolicollosal isn't much as a single bloom, but a clump of them shows up from orbit.

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