Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Planning for 2009- Can You Dig It?

First- a plug for Party Pinafore, becoming widely available for $15-$20. OR- take a look at what Jack Carpenter has done crossing Tet ParPin with Roses in Snow- two spring 2009 intros ("Jitterbug Jessie" and my fave "Just a While Longer") and a fall 2008 (Happy Charmer) at http://www.lilyfarm.com/ AND they're priced at only $65 - $85!

And MEAN MISTER MUSTARD (Apps/Blew), released last year by Centerton as the first of what I hope will be a long line of daylilies with CHARACTER. Not everybody's cup of tea, but I love the stipply eye. Available wherever Trophytakers and Happily Ever Appsters are sold, and at White Flower Farm.

I've gotten Malachite Prism through two winters in Zone 6b, so it may be less tender than I was told- I found a nursery in Mass. selling it.

My way of testing new bed configuration: these beds are subject to giant rodent browsing, since our township won't allow deer fencing in the front yard, but I've run out of space in the back. So this is for pretty but expendable clumps- I'll still drench them with Liquid Fence.

And this will be the final bed out back- on a slope so I've got some retaining wall work to do before May. No, I didn't order enough daylilies to fill up this whole bed. But I want to group all my lates and rebloomers so I can water them easier.


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