Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Check out Nikki Schmith's Daylily Blog

The April 19 posting on Nikki Schmith's Michigan blog has some good shots of Daylily Rust she took in her own garden last fall.  is a blog you should follow for her photos of favorite daylilies and related daylily info.  Nikki is a garden show judge and has an eye for distinctive daylilies- a subject she's written about in the national publication of the American Hemerocallis Society.

 The forsythia is past peak in Pittsburgh; tomorrow I take the snow blade off the John Deere and put the mower deck back on.   I've got 35 thousand square feet of lawn to mow- that's straw over new grass toward the right.  Had 3 dead trees removed and tree service ripped up the area pretty good.
 Two pics of my re-reblooming Zygo (?) cactus- one below shows how it's just blooming on one side.  The other side rebloomed about a month ago, and when I turned it 180 degrees to enjoy those blooms, buds formed on this side.


Thanks for the link! I enjoy seeing your photos, too and I hope you keep on posting them.
Thanks again...
("the girl" from
Hi Terry,

Check out my blog.... Hope to have some Stipple - Stripe info this winter..... for now just getting settled in my new home in Indiana.

Loretta Zink
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