Sunday, May 01, 2011


Hostas are UP in Pittsburgh before Mayday!

 Sagae on the right is an "early riser", as is montana "Aureomarginata", which I haven't moved from Philadelphia yet.  It's almost fully leaved out when the hosta on the left is just breaking ground.  I kept the potsw above podophyllum "Kaleidoscope" top left to cover things in case of frost- we aren't to frost free date for another week or more.
 Green Splash is another fave up fairly early.  Smallish, nice gloss.
 High Society has my favorite pattern- bluish outer margin, cream center, with an intermediate chartreuse "bleeding" between the two that is a little different on every leaf.
 June needs strong light in early spring to give max contrast between margin and center.  This one's in a wire cloth cage to protect from deer until I can get a deer fence in.
 First Frost is in another temp deer cage- this is a $1.00 wire wastebasket from Dollar General.
Sea Fire is from Mildred Seaver- beautiful spring color, but it's "viridescent"- it greens up as the season progresses.  Most hostas that emerge very light do this, or they wouldn't have enough chlorophyll to grow.   Mildred Seaver died just this year at 98 and her son Charlie is carrying on the family tradition in Delaware.


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