Monday, June 13, 2011


First 2011 Stippled Daylily

 First stippled daylily of 2011 is Royal Speckles, a 2006 Kelly Mitchell Tet, 26EMRe6 registered with 4 branches, 25 buds.  Just got it this spring, from Kelly herself, who is further North than here in Pittsburgh.  So why is an EM blooming so early?  Only 3 other tets blooming today, but they're getting dabbed with this.
 My first non-yellow / non-orange was Burgundy Twister, registered as an extra early 36EERe9.75 by Pat Stamile 2003.  Tet, blooming again today, so it gets Royally Speckled.
 This is a seedling that was blooming in Philly yesterday, so I brought it back for further evaluation.  When I find my seedling database, I'll probably discover it's a self-pollinated carbon copy of its pod parent, which happens a lot to me.  In Philadelphia the mornings are so humid I didn't have viable dry pollen until midmorning.  Last year (my 2nd year of pollen dabbing) I started saving dry pollen for the next morning, but I haven't started putting chastity belts on my girls (yet), as I've heard some do.
 Also new this year, Princess of Wales, gets pollinated today too.
 And my final pollen repository for today, Long Stocking.  If I had any more tets blooming today, I probably wouldn't try to speckle this, but it 's registered at 46" tall (shorter here in the north).
 Dip blooming first time today, Coral Taco (Ned roberts 04) 30MRe10 with a 7.50 spider ratio.  Again, why is a Midseason daylily blooming mid-June?  It's new last fall, but I got it from Mary Ann Pruden in PA.
 Mike Huben's Early and Often is doing its thing.  Dip 26ERe4. 
Finally, Stella's Sparky has been blooming since Saturday.  Chrichton 99, Dip 20ERe3.75 


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