Wednesday, June 08, 2011


First Full Open Daylilies 2011

 June 5 was actually second open for Black Eyed Stella in Philadelphia- I wasn't there for the first.  I didn't move this because I have no use for it in hybridizing, and every clump moved has a real cost in time and other resources to move and re-establish.  So the next owner of the Philly house gets this one.  Stella was blooming elsewhere in the neighborhood, but I gave away all mine and my Happy Returns long ago.
 First Pittsburgh bloomer was Earlybird Orangeade (Megan Skinner 2006) and second will be her Earlybird Sunshine, a yellow registered in 2001.  I believe both descend from an oldie Esperanza.  Megan and Ron hybridize on a small city lot in Allentown, PA, so they sell through Manatawny Creek near Olney, PA
Finally got the main hosta bed mulched. This is from the screened porch.  Now I have to weed and mulch 700 daylilies.  This weekend I'll be redistributing (evening out) the 300 remaining daylilies in Philly and mulching those beds.  Mucho mulching: my brain is turning to mulch.


Hey, Terry! Your 'new' garden looks well settled! Envious you are enjoying the first daylily blooms already. Still waiting for earliest bloom usually comes from Eenie Weenie! Our GSDG's picnic is coming up...will miss you! Lynn
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